7/9/2013 - 12:39 AM

i just read and watched Nick & Norah’s Infinite PLaylist. despite the happiness i felt at the end because of how adorable it was i couldn’t escape the unwelcome feeling of dread that came along with it. but before i delve into that i just want to make a note that many fears are completely irrational, it’s not that you can make sense of it it’s that you feel it nothing else. period. so with that point made i can state that i am completely, 100% afraid of not finding someone that can just clique with me like Nick & Norah did and if i do the feelings will only be one sided. completely irrational, yes. i want to find my musical soul mate like Norah did and i want for that person to have feelings for me like i them, selfish some may say but i don’t think it’s greedy. we want to love and be loved back it’s in our nature, it’s desired by all. i’m just terrified this desire of mine will never be reached. this probably seems petty and i’ll look back on this later and just find it idiotic but you can’t fight a feeling even if it is one of dread.